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ANZORS 26th Annual Scientific Meeting
Day 1

Podium 1


Dr Scott Bolam

The University of Auckland

Obesity impairs enthesis healing after rotator cuff repair in a rat model

Jun Yuan

University of Western Australia

PINK1-mediated mitophagy in osteocytes contributes to glucocorticoid-induced osteocytic osteolysis

Dr Daniel Wills

University of Western Australia

Healing of iliac crest cancellous autograft donor site in an adult ovine model

Samantha Hefferan

Kolling Institute

Histological characteristics of different human tendons

Dr Samuel Bennett

The University of Western Australia

Gene mining the dental and skeletal fields of the collaborative cross population

Podium 2


Dr Sanaa Zaki

The University of Sydney

Investigating the predictive utility of a mouse model of post-traumatic osteoarthritis for testing the symptom and disease modifying effect of therapeutic agents

Dr Maged Awadalla

Flinders University

Knockout cystic fibrosis rat trabecular bone in the proximal tibia has a deficit through adolescence

Dr Iman Roohani

University of New South Wales

Synthetic bone-like structures through omnidirectional ceramic bioprinting in cell suspensions

Peilin Chen

University of Western Australia

Fabrication of bioactive braided collagen rope with exceptional mechanical strength for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Podium 3


William du Moulin

Griffith University

Shape differences in the semitendinosus following tendon harvesting for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction

Sophie Rapagna

Flinders University

Relationships between cartilage thickness and subchondral bone in knee osteoarthritis and controls: a systematic mapping

Pholpat Durongbhan

The University of Melbourne

A novel micro-computed tomography imaging protocol for reproducible quantitative morphometric analysis (QMA) of the mouse knee

Dr Aaron Fox

Deakin University

Subscapularis muscle function following the latarjet procedure

Dr Luca Modenese

Imperial College London

Personalised lower limb models generated using an automatic workflow: comparison with manually created models

Podium 4


Mitchell Almond

The University of Melbourne

Double intramedullary and single extramedullary cortical button constructs for distal biceps tendon surgical repair

Harshi Rupasinghe

The University of Melbourne

Tension band wiring versus a novel tension band suture fixation for the treatment of olecranon fractures: a comparative biomechanics study

Dr Dale Robinson

The University of Melbourne

The influence of graft positioning on glenohumeral joint contact in the latarjet procedure for recurrant shoulder instability

Adam Kositsky

Griffith University

Knee flexor weakness after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with a semitendinosus tendon graft: is it just due to muscle size?

Darcy Thompson-Bagshaw

The University of Adelaide

Characterising the response of human heads during a simulated head-first impact