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ANZORS 26th Annual Scientific Meeting
Day 2

David Findlay ECR Award


Dr Kai Chen

The University of Western Australia

Osteoblast-derived EGFL6 couples angiogenesis to osteogenesis during bone repair

Dr Damith Senanayake

Wearable sensors for tele-medicine in orthopaedics: overcoming the challenge of converting raw IMU data into high accuracy joint angles

The University of Melbourne

Dr Dzenita Muratovic

University of Western Australia

Elevated levels of active transforming growth factor B1 in the subchondral bone relate spatially to cartilage loss and impaired bone quality in human knee osteoarthritis

Dr Carina Blaker

Repeated mild knee injury events are associated with early osteoarthritic change

Kolling Institute, The University of Sydney

Dr Martina Barzan

Griffith University

Accuracy and functional outcomes of juvenile proximal femoral osteotomies using virtual surgical planning and patient-matched surgical guides

PhD Student Award


Jacob Trend

University of Southampton

Examining a role for VEGF in the regulation of osteocyte lacunae orientation

Lauren Wearne

Flinders University

Micro-CT imaging a press-fit tray implanted in human tibia: a zero-strain digital volume correlation analysis at organ level

Amy Ribet

Proteomics of the osteoclast secretory lysosome unmasks new regulators of bone resorption and skeletal bone mass

The University of Western Australia

Alexis Brierty

The variability of foot motion in children with congenital talipes equinovarus (CTEV) being considered for tendon transfer surgery

Griffith University

Kieran Bennett

The mechanical response of trabecular bone within the tibial plateau due to external joint loading

The University of Adelaide

Minghao Zheng Orthopaedic Innovation Award


Ben Ferguson

The University of Sydney

CT-based FEA and multiobjective optimisation methods for determining optimal placement of fixation plate for scaffold-based mandibular reconstruction

Faseeh Zaidi

The University of Auckland

Remote patient monitoring with wearable sensors following knee arthroplasty

Dr Scott Bolam

The University of Auckland

Enhancement of tendon-bone healing with a combined growth factor hydrogel in a rat chronic rotator cuff injury model

Posters Set 1


Bailey Deverell

The University of Adelaide

Irinotecan's effect on trabecular long bone in a rat model of breast cancer

Jonghoo Sung

The University of Adelaide

Delayed fracture healing in Zucker diabetic fatty (ZDF) rats is associated with persistent up-regulated pro-inflammatory marker expression

Dr James Crowley

Lateral fenestration of lumbar intervertebral discs in rabbits: development and characterisation of a preclinical model

Surgical and Orthopaedic Research Laboratories

Dr Melanie Amarasooriya

Flinders University

In vivo kinematics of the scaphoid in scapholunate instability using 4D CT-preliminary results

Buddhi Herath

Queensland University of Technology

Design workflow for 3D printable patient-specific Voronoi bone scaffolds

Posters Set 2


Dr Lachlan Huntington

Hand and Wrist Biomechanics Laboratory, O'Brien Institute, Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia.

Double screw fixation in an unstable scaphoid fracture model: a biomechanical comparison of two screw configurations

Hugo Wiggins

Macquarie University

High tibial osteotomy and distal femoral osteotomy using patient-specific instruments: pilot data from a biomechanical study of the lower limbs, pelvis and lumbar spine

Sara Sadat Farshidfar

Macquarie University

Biomechanical improvements in gait following medial pivot knee implant surgery

Yihang Yu

The University of Melbourne

The effect of spine cage position on the mechanical response of the superior lumbar endplate after lumbar interbody fusion

Dr Joseph Cadman

Macquarie University

Failure of tendon grafts fixed with 3mm tenodesis screws: does screw placement make a difference?

Sara Sadat Farshidfar

Macquarie University

The effect of modelling parameters in the development and validation of knee joint models on ligament mechanics: a systematic review