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ANZORS 26th Annual Scientific Meeting
Day 3

Podium 5


Dr Azadeh Kian

The University of Melbourne

EMG-driven model predictions of glenohumeral joint force show high agreement with instrumented implant data after targeted model calibration

Dr Ian Al'Khafaji

The University of Melbourne

The role of the ligamentum teres in normal function of the hip joint

Dr Dominic Thewlis

The University of Adelaide

Patient-reported and functional outcomes in patients following primary and revision total hip arthroplasty

Dr Ryan Quarrington

The University of Adelaide

Estimating facet joint apposition with specimen-specific computer models of subaxial cervical spine kinematics: the effect of axial compression and distraction during shear and bending motions

Marco Branni


Quantifying orthotropic mechanical properties in entire human femurs

Posters Set 3


Emma Brown

The University of Auckland

Multi length scale structural investigation of articular cartilage: how structure influences the swelling response of mildly degenerate bovine articular cartilage

Dr Josh Workman

The University of Auckland

Reference point indentation for the detection of early osteoarthritis

Dr Daniel Wills

University of New South Wales

The thermal profile of self-tapping screws: the effect of insertion speed, power insertion, and screw geometry on heat production at the bone-screw interface

Dr Lianzhi Chen

The University of Western Australia

A population-based study on total knee replacement attributable to obesity in Australia

Ross Hamilton

The University of Adelaide

Scoping review of imaging techniques to assess muscle damage post-total hip arthroplasty

Dr Joe Lynch

Australian National University

In-vivo kinematics during step-up and down in three total knee replacement designs: a randomised clinical trial

Posters Set 4


Dr Peggy Miller

St Vincent's University Hospital, Dublin 4

Dangers of being an outlier; mortality risk in hip fracture patients based off the orthopaedic ward. A cohort study

Dr Megan Roser

Queensland Children's Hospital and Centre for Children's Health Research

Preliminary outcomes for patients undergoing vertebral body tethering for idiopathic scoliosis

MD Reiner W. A. Spek

University Medical Centre Groningen

3D printed handheld models do not improve recognition of specific characteristics and patterns of three-part and four-part proximal humerus fractures

Dr Thomas Robertson

Royal Adelaide Hospital

CT measured acetabular bone density following total hip arthroplasty: a scoping review and meta- analysis

Dr Yuan Chai

The University of Sydney

Two novel designs of improving patella resection tools

Dr Stuart Callary

Royal Adelaide Hospital

Establishing an evidence-based approach to improve the stability of acetabular components used at revision surgery

Podium 6


Francesca Bucci

Flinders University

Does sex influence knee passive kinematics?

Arjun Sivakumar

The University of Adelaide

Changes in post-operative lower limb biomechanics after femoral nailing of proximal femur fractures

Dr Azadeh Nasseri

Griffith University

Effects of pubertal maturation on anterior cruciate ligament forces during a landing task in females

Dr David Shen

Royal North Shore Hospital

Prosthetic impingement risk factors and impact on patient outcomes in hip resurfacing arthroplasty

Kerry Costi

Royal Adelaide Hospital

Comparison of AOANJRR hip arthroplasty data with a hospital based registry

Podium 7


Dr Stuart Callary

Royal Adelaide Hospital

Factors influencing femoral periprosthetic fracture around cemented stems

Dr Sam Mischewski

The University of Sydney

Venous thromboembolism following surgical intervention for below knee fractures: a systematic review of the risk and benefits of preventative strategies

Fraser Francis-Pester

The University of Melbourne

Patients with anterior shoulder instability adopt compensatory scapula motion during upper limb function

Kiran Rajesh

The Canberra Hospital, ANU Medical School

Hip fracture and dementia: prevalence, clinical profile, in-hospital outcomes and readmissions

Pouya Saeedian

University of Canberra

Preoperative kinematics influences postoperative kinematics of the knee. A prospective randomised clinical trial of total knee arthroplasty