Research is an important part of preparing for engaging with potential employers. It’s important to begin your research early so that you can familiarise yourself with each of the employers, find out more about the opportunities on offer and come up with your questions you want to ask of those employers. Here are some suggestions for getting started.

Here are some suggestions for getting started before the fair:

  • Review recruitment material available from the employer, such as position descriptions and advertisements.

  • Check the employer websites and look at key sections such as ‘About us’, organisational values, mission and statements, strategic goals, reports and any information which provides insight into the workplace and culture.

  • Assess employers and their competitors to identify unique elements and differences.

  • Check news items and LinkedIn for updates on what’s happening at the organisation.

  • Review the employer material to closely assess the eligibility criteria for the programs and opportunities you are interested in.

On the day of the fair, we recommend:

  • Attend the employer showcase events to learn more about their programs and opportunities. Remember to take notes and jot down your questions!

  • Have your research ready and create a priority list. This will help you focus your efforts on the employers you are able to apply to.

  • Take notes and keep track of your conversations! Particularly if you intend on submitting applications – the information you gather will be incredibly helpful and you want to make sure it’s all documented to revisit after the fair.

Want to practice your pitch before connecting with employers? Our Student Peer Leaders are available 11.30am – 1pm on the day to run through your pitch with you and provide feedback! Chat to our Peer Leaders by joining the Practice your pitch with the Student Peer Leadersroom in the right-hand menu in the virtual lobby.


For any additional careers questions, we encourage you to chat with Careers and Employability staff. Senior Advisers are available on the day from 11.30am – 1pm. Join the room labelledSpeak to the Careers and Employability teamin the right-hand menu in the virtual lobby.