If you need support outside of event day hours, please contact the Events Team at


During an event, search for 'event support' in the inbox feature on the event portal and someone will help you.




Check your junk email if you have not yet received your event info email. This email will contain your unique link to access the event platform without needing to log in. Each attendee will have their own personal link, so please don't share yours with others. Save this email so you don't lose your link. If you can't find your email, please email




Ensure that the site is not blocked by your company server. If so, contact your IT team to unblock it, or use your phone's hotspot or personal device so you're not on the company network.

  • Disable cloud-based company servers if you are using any, such as Citrix, Cisco etc.

You should test your platform connection ahead of the event day to troubleshoot any access issues early. This is especially important as you will be using your camera throughout the event. 

  • The best way to test is to create a private group room with your camera on to see that it connects (no one else will be able to see you).



  • Use Google Chrome on a laptop or computer. Tablets (including iPads and Surface Pro) as well as phones will have reduced functionality.

  • Check your WiFi connection. You may need to use your phone's hotspot for a stronger connection, use ethernet instead of WiFi or move closer to your modem. 

  • Close other programs or tabs on your device that are using your camera, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, WebX etc, as well as any other applications not in use.



Navigate around the portal using the vertical menu bar on your left, or by clicking on your profile icon in the top right-hand corner. This will give you access to:

  • Event Lobby: all the sessions and employer booths will be found here. Remember to check that you are viewing booths on the correct date by selecting the right tabs.

  • My Account: update your profile information here by clicking “edit” in the top right corner and “end” when you are done to save changes. We encourage you to upload a profile picture so students can see who you are. 

  • My Agenda: select and pin the booths your booth for easy access. 



Head to the Virtual Lobby. Here you will see the activities and employers available for each day. There will be a red "live" button that will appear once a session is live so you can see what is currently happening. 

Locate your booth on the correct day to enter. You can also bookmark the link for easy access.

Employers are also welcome to watch the keynote presentation and panel discussions that are happening each morning. 


Click ‘join now’ when you enter your booth so you enter in presenter mode. You may also see a popup from your browser requesting access to your camera and microphone. Click "allow" on this first. Then select the correct camera and microphone option if you are using external equipment and click "join now". 

If you accidentally join without your camera but would like to turn it on, simply leave the room and come back in with the correct setting.

If you are visiting other booths, please remember to 'join as a viewer' so you are not entering into other employers' screens by accident.

Picture 1.png


When you enter your booth, you will go into the 'control room'. Students won't be able to see you, only other people in the control room with you. Here, you will be able to test your audio, video and screen share ahead of the Careers Fair going live. 

In the control room, the room host will be able to 'start stream'. This has been assigned by the Events Team, and you will know if you are the room host if you can see the green 'start stream' button. Only click this once the Careers Fair starts at 11:00am each day. Once you click start, you will be live and visible to any students who enter your booth. Please note there is a 30 second delay between you presenting and what the students can see. 

Play around with the 'layout' to best suit your presentation and click on 'live preview' to see what students will see. The control room will look different from the live preview, and again, note the 30 second delay for any changes to take place. We recommend staying in the 'control room' view when live so that you don't get confused.

Screen Shot 2021-02-17 at 5.53.29 pm.png


On the right side of your screen, you can view the chat, list of people in your room, as well as add polls and upload files you would like to share with the students. You can turn polls visible or invisible when you want them on or off, although won't be able to delete files once uploaded. 


If you are sharing a presentation, test the 'start sharing' button ahead of your presentation time to ensure that everything works perfectly. If you are sharing audio, we recommend you share via Chrome Tab rather than sharing sound from your computer.

Refer to your booth's icon if you have forgotten what time you are presenting. Employers are more than welcome to present outside of these times as well if a student requests it. 


Employers can chat to students via the chat box on the right, or by chatting on screen (like Zoom). 

Invite a student on screen with you by letting them know to click on the hand button in the top left of your screen. 

In the 'people' tab you will be able to see a list of students who would like to turn their cameras on. Click on the arrow next to their name and invite them into their screen (they will have to accept this). There can be 17 cameras on at one time, however we recommend you only chatting to a few students at a time. Once you are finished chatting to a student, you can remove them from the screen by clicking on the arrow next to their name again.

Screen Shot 2021-02-17 at 6.12.56 pm.png

If you would like to chat to students privately, you can schedule a time with them in the chat. Refer to the instructions below on how to network privately. 





In the virtual lobby, you will be able to see a list of attendees who are currently online. Click on an attendee’s name to send them a message or start a video chat.


To video chat:

  1. Click on the video camera button under the guest’s name you would like to speak to.

  2. Select whether you would like the call to be public or private.

    • A public room will appear in “group rooms” in the virtual lobby, and anyone will be able to join.

  3. Click “join” on the pop-up screen. As with the interactive sessions, you will need to select the correct microphone and camera.

  4. A notification will be sent to the guest you want to chat with; they can choose to accept or decline your invitation.

  5. To add more people in your room, copy the link in your browser bar and send it to anyone else you would like to join.

Group rooms: create a new group, name it and select whether it should be public or private. 

  • Public rooms: anyone can see and join your room. 

  • Private rooms: you will need to copy the url address and send it to those who you would like to join your room (via inbox, email or any other messaging service) as your room will be hidden from the event lobby.


Inbox: this will appear at the top of the screen no matter where you are in the event. Click on the inbox to see your messages, or “find people to chat” to start a new message chain. You will be able to send messages to guests who are offline; they will see the message once they log in.

For technical support during an event, search "Events Team" in your inbox and start a chat with one of our team members who will be able to help you out. Please ensure you have followed the access instructions first.