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During an event, search for 'event support' in the inbox feature on the event portal and someone will help you.


Tuesday 2 March and Wednesday 3 March 2021



9:30am - 10:00am

10:00am - 11:00am

11:00am - 2:00pm

How to Make the Most of the Fair

Keynote Presentation and Panel

Careers Fair 

2:00pm - 2:45pm

Industry Discussion Room


Do I have to be online for the whole day?


No​, you can come to any session you like throughout the two days. 

Can I bring a friend?


No, only students who have registered can attend. You will have received a unique login link to access the event platform; this can only be used on one device at a time. 

Will the sessions be recorded?


Employer presentations, Q&A discussions and discussion rooms will not be recorded, so students will not appear in any of the recordings. 

What do I do in a session?


During a video session (keynote presentation and panel), simply watch as if you are watching TV at home. You can comment in the chat box to interact with other students watching. 

During an interactive session (employer booths and discussion rooms), you can ask the employers questions both via the chat box or on screen with your camera. Refer to the platform support page for detailed instructions on how to do this. 

Do I have to have my camera on?


No, you do not have to have your camera on. When you join a session, you'll automatically join as a viewer in the audience. You will only pop up on screen with your camera on if the employer allows and you have accepted their invitation to do so. 

How do I know which employers will be there and what time they're presenting?


Refer to the info sheet for a list of employers attending each day, or browse through the virtual lobby. Employers will also be conducting presentations from 11:00am - 2:00pm each day - you can refer to the info sheet or their booth icon for their presentation times. 

What if I miss an employer presentation?


Most employers will be presenting multiple times throughout the day so if you miss one, you can watch another. 

If you can't make any of the times, or can't watch all of the presentations you would like, you can still ask them questions during their Q&A time, or even ask them to replay their presentation if they're not too busy. 

We encourage students to look through the info sheet to research and highlight employers and plan their day to prioritise those that are most relevant to them. 

Can I talk to an employer privately?


Some employers may set up scheduled private chats with students, but if they don't, please do not private message or video call employers without their permission. 

Can I chat to other students?


Yes, you can private message, video call or create group rooms with other students in the Virtual Lobby of the platform. Refer to the platform support page for more detailed instructions on how to do so. 

What should I wear?


If you are intending to speak to employers with your camera on, we encourage you to wear smart casual or business attire (no t-shirts, singlets or hoodies). 


Respect at the University


Whether you're a student, member of staff, visitor, on campus or online, we are all responsible for personal behaviour of the highest standard and have the right to expect the same from others. 

We are all part of a community working to create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. Our community embraces diversity, which means always treating everyone equitably, fairly, and with respect. 

Everyone has a right to feel safe and supported, be valued for who you are and have political or religious views that are different to others.

Students are responsible for


  • Treating everyone equitably and fairly

  • Adhering to the Student Conduct Policy

  • Understanding and modelling the Student Charter

  • Knowing when no is the answer: respecting each other's boundaries and consent decisions.

Video room etiquette


  • Don't interrupt employers in the middle of a presentation. You can raise your hand to request to join the screen, but expect to wait until the employer has finished their presentation first before allowing you on screen. 

  • The Careers Fair is an opportunity for you to learn more about each employer and their recruitment process. Keep your questions relevant.

  • Be conscious of how many students are waiting to speak to an employer. Ask a few questions at a time and come back later if you have more questions.

  • Do not initiate private video calls with employers unless they have given you permission to do so and scheduled a time with you. 

  • Be respectful of the employers and other students attending the Careers Fairs. Students may be removed from the session, or the event entirely, if they do not behave in a respectful manner.