For our international students

There are many opportunities available from the range of employers attending the fair. For international students, it will be important to identify which employers will accept applications from international students.


  • Conduct research before the event, paying close attention to the eligibility criteria and whether the employer will recruit international students.

  • Make a list of the employers you will want to target at the fair – maximise your time by engaging with those employers that you can potentially submit applications to.

  • Use the Filter by tags – international students on the day to ensure that you are accessing the right opportunities for you.

  • Ask thoughtful questions. Thorough research will ensure that you don’t need to ask employers if they accept applications from international students – you can gather this information in the lead up to the fair. Instead, use your time with employers to ask great questions about the opportunity, workplace culture, teams and divisions and global opportunities.

  • Check out our other resources to kick start your employer research, create a strong professional pitch and brush up on your networking skills!

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While the University's own Careers Fair may be your starting point, it's worth acknowledging that there is strong competition and strict eligibility criteria for the programs promoted - particularly if you are an international student. We encourage you to make the most of the fair, but to also look out for other opportunities to connect with employers and access a broad range of opportunities.

Want to practice your pitch before connecting with employers? Our Student Peer Leaders are available 11.30am – 1pm on the day to run through your pitch with you and provide feedback! Chat to our Peer Leaders by joining the Practice your pitch with the Student Peer Leadersroom in the right-hand menu in the virtual lobby.


For any additional careers questions, we encourage you to chat with Careers and Employability staff. Senior Advisers are available on the day from 11.30am – 1pm. Join the room labelledSpeak to the Careers and Employability teamin the right-hand menu in the virtual lobby.