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30th November - 3rd December

Meet our industry speakers, gaming influencers and YouTube stars who will be joining live throughout Gaming Week!


Brad Shreffler

Brad Shreffler is a Digital Instruction Coach at a large public middle school in Central Florida. His primary job function is to assist teachers with the implementation of instructional technology in their courses as a part of the Digital One-To-One initiative. In this role, he creates interactive and participant-lead professional development based on teacher needs through a variety of differentiated sessions throughout the year, and one-on-one mentoring.

Dr Bronwyn Stuckey

Dr Bronwyn Stuckey (PhD, Med, BA) is a Global Consultant Specialist in Game Play, Gamification, Communities of Practice and Learning Communities.

Bronwyn has been engaged in the educational community and gameful practices in learning development for the past 15 years. She has worked to explore virtual worlds, games in learning and how we can cultivate identity, agency, citizenship, leadership, and community.


She is a postdoctoral research fellow of the Arizona State University Center for Games and Impact and is global leader in the gamification for community and identity cultivation. She is a global Minecraft mentor and is on the board of several educational game startups. Bron’s overriding drive is to understand how games can support learning and cultivate community for learners and how we foster the next wave of game curious teachers.


Gizzy Gazza

Gary Merritt (aka Gizzy Gazza) is a British writer, performer, and enthusiastic storyteller. Ever since he was young he always wanted to create his own world full of mysteries and epic tales. He studied television and video production in college, then made his dream of living in Los Angeles a reality. After creating original material for his YouTube channel (Gizzy14gazza) and reaching the milestone of having over 1,000,000 subscribers, he decided it was time to change direction and chase another dream, so he jumped from writing scripts to writing books. His deep passion for storytelling constantly reminds him of how lucky he is to be in this position, and he's continually grateful and humbled.

Liam Routt

Liam is Manager of Games and Digital Media at Film Victoria. As a programmer his focus is always on the users. User interfaces and user experiences are key to application development in his mind. In practice this has meant that he gets the most satisfaction working on applications that are directly used by an audience, whether that is a game, or tools which allow others to do their work. Eventually Liam found myself fostering and directing a development team, which brought together most of the aspects of his professional life - long-term planning, team building, fostering creative and technical people, and facilitating communication.


Jennifer Reuter

Jennifer is a German-born, Melbourne-raised visual storyteller, who works in: illustration, concept art, comics and storyboarding, and animation.

Jennifer is best suited for expressive, dynamic and atmospheric visual stories that inspire empathy. She has been freelancing in the entertainment scene (which includes games and animation) for the last five years, having created work for independent studios like Studio Moshi, Sun’s Shadow Studios and Cognitive Forge.


Dr Matthew Harrison

Dr Matthew Harrison is an experienced educator, researcher and digital creator with a keen passion for utilising technology to enhance social learning and inclusion. He has taught in Australia, South Korea and the United Kingdom at primary, secondary and tertiary levels. Matthew is currently coordinating the Autism Intervention program and facilitating the digital Access and Inclusion Hub at the University of Melbourne Graduate School of Education. His research primarily focuses on inclusive education and the effective use of digital technologies as teaching and learning tools. As a gamer, he has a particular interest in digital game-based learning and intervention.

Matthew's PhD thesis examined how cooperative video games can be used as spaces for developing social skills in children with autism and Down syndrome. Building from this innovative research he founded Next Level Social Skills, an inclusive community for neurodiverse children that uses cooperative video games to build confidence and social capabilities. He is also the founder of Hatt Designs developing educational apps for tablets and smartphones. 


Meredith Hall

Currently working at Film Victoria, Meredith supports the games industry locally and internationally, working on strategy, forward-planning, research, growth areas and more through programs and direct engagement with the sector.


Meredith is the cofounder of Accessibility Unlocked, Communications Director and Lead Producer on HoloVista and a frequent public speaker and advocate. She was named one of 50 under 50 in InGames 2019 Gender Equality in Games list and was named Rising Star at the 2020 Australian Game Developer Awards.

Mike Washburn

Mike is a teacher, consultant, curriculum designer, and speaker on several topics including curriculum and technology integration, digital learning, computational thinking, iPad and tablet use in education, game/play-based learning and video game-based learning. 

Shaun Cochrane

Shaun “Aussie Antics” Cochrane is a full-time Content Creator, Commentator, Analyst and eSports Host. He has been streaming for just under two years, but have since managed to create his dream job with over 350,000 followers. He will not only play games and interact with his community, but also commentates and host some of the biggest eSports events globally.


While he is living the dream, he believes that it is truly attainable for anyone. Shaun loves sharing insights on the 'smart way' of approaching eSports and the gaming industry. 

Phoebe Watson

Phoebe is a proud Indigenous woman of the Yarrer Gunditj tribe of the Maar Nation. Growing up in Warrnambool she moved to Melbourne to study a Bachelor of Game Design at RMIT University. During her studies, she began working at DragonBear Studios where she learnt to express her passion for sharing culture in video games. Now she shares what she has learnt and her passion, to help inspire others to include Indigenous Culture in games. 

Sean Fay-Wolfe

Sean Fay Wolfe is from Rhode Island, USA. His first published novel, Quest For Justice, was Sean’s part of the MINECRAFT: The Elementia Chronicles and he hopes to follow these books with more action-adventure novels.

Sean has been programming computer games in the Scratch environment for many years. He started Diamond Axe Studios, his current account, and since then has developed many original games and fan games that have become popular in the Scratch community. These include fan games Fruit Ninja and Super Mario Elements, and original games such as Ninth Force


Steve Isaacs

Steve Isaacs has been teaching since 1992. In 1998 began teaching in Bernards Township, NJ where he developed an internationally recognised middle and high school game development program. Steve is a pioneer in using VR and AR in the classroom. He is a champion for student choice, providing a choice-based environment to help students find and nurture their passion for learning. Steve is an edtech influencer, community builder, and leader in game-based learning.


He has brought commercial video games including Minecraft and Fortnite into his classroom to support students as content creators. Steve is actively involved in building the K12 to College Esports pipeline and co-founded the #EsportsEDU community. Steve was honoured as the 2016 ISTE Outstanding Teacher and the PBS Digital Innovator representing the state of New Jersey

Thomas Safarewicz

Thomas is a professional Game Developer whose focus is on the programming side of game development.

Before working in the industry, Thomas was taught all about General Game Development, at the Grange P-12 College and Academy of Interactive Entertainment.  Thomas is currently working at Ultimerse as a Game Developer focusing on AI Logic and Programming, as well previously working on VR based Gameplay.

Thomas is an avid Gamer and enjoys talking about Pop Culture.


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