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Australian Dementia
Research Forum 2023


The Australian Dementia Research Forum 2023 is hosted on a platform called 'Airmeet'.

You will find it easy and intuitive to use.


When entering the platform, please allow camera and microphone access. This will not make you automatically visible to the other attendees. You will have the opportunity to confirm access as you enter each room.


If you need support outside of program hours, please contact tech support at 

During the program, you can contact us using the message feature on the virtual platform. 

Search 'Event Support' and one of our team members will be online to help. 

Technical Requirements


For the best portal-experience, use Google Chrome on a desktop device. Please note that tablets (including iPads and Surface Pros) as well as phones will have reduced functionality. You will only be able to access the platform on one device at a time.​



Airmeet works on all your modern-day browsers, however, presenters, in particular, must have the latest Chrome (version 79)

Other supported browsers: Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Brave browser, and Safari (with limited access & known compatibility issue).


Unsupported Browsers: Older versions of Chrome and Firefox, IE, and Opera.


For more technical details and troubleshooting please visit Air Meet Support


The reception is your landing page. From here you can navigate to the schedule, networking lounge, and exhibition using either the top or left-hand menu.


  • View Schedule: View and enter sessions here. Each session will appear on the day of that session.

  • Lounge: Head to the networking tab to be matched with another attendee and start networking!

  • Exhibition: Our exhibition space spotlights partners, sponsors, and contributors. You can search or filter by theme. Select the booth you are interested in to view their poster. 

Navigate 2.png


Head to Schedule. Here you will see a tab for each day. Click the 'join session' button to enter the virtual room 

attending sessions.png


When you enter the session, you will see a chat tab (speech bubble symbol) on the right-hand side. You can also use the chat function to post links or pass on information relevant to the discussion for others to see. We encourage you to start ‘side’ conversations during the sessions and interact with each other.

Directly next to the chat tab, there is a Slido tab (puzzle plug-in symbol) - please ask questions here. Questions posted in the ‘chat’ will get lost and unanswered.

slido questions.png
Attending Sessions


​'Messages' will appear in the top bar no matter where you are in the platform. Click on messages to see your personal inbox, or find online attendees under 'people' to start a new message chain. You will be able to send messages to attendees who are offline: they will see the message once they log in. 

If at any stage, you are having technical difficulties click on ‘people’ and search ‘Event Support’ and members of our events team will appear. Feel free to message them for any questions you have.

Tech Support.png
ANZMAC - InEvent - Special Sessions (11).png

You can also video chat with other attendees in the networking lounge. Click Join and a pop up window will appear to begin video chat.

Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 1.01.43 pm (2).png
Connecting with other attendees


There may be times throughout the day where the event team will send you alerts. This  will pop up on your top right hand corner. This will help remind you of where you need to go, or whether a session is about to start. 

Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 1.08.38 pm (2).png
Look out for Alerts


In the Exhibition section of the platform, you can find out more about our Sponsors and Partners and also view presentations.

Explore our Booths and Exhibitions
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