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Abstracts Day Two
Friday 11 February 2022

Session 1
Jemma Pearl - Jemma Pearl Agriculture Victoria.jpg

Jemma Pearl

Podcasts as a medium to facilitate farmer-to-farmer learning

AUTHORS: Jemma Pearl, Kellyanne Harris


Roy Murray-Prior

Some complexities and solutions from behavioural science when promoting behaviour change in smallholder farming systems

AUTHORS: Roy Murray-Prior,  Maria Fay Rola-Rubzen, Rene Villano, Jon Marx P Sarmiento

Wycliffe Oyunga - Wycliffe Oyunga.jpg

Wycliffe Oyunga

Understanding the engagement dynamics among collaborating organizations: A case study of the pluralistic AES in Kenya

AUTHOR:Wycliffe Oyunga, Prof. Ruth Nettle, Dr. Margaret Ayre, Dr. Michael Santhanam-Martin

Mertijn Moeyersons - Mertijn_Moeyersons.jpg

Mertijn Moeyersons

How does the supportive environment influence strategic decisions by farmers in Flemish horticulture?

AUTHOR: Mertijn Moeyersons, Erik Mathijs

Adam Barker.JPG

Adam Barker

A method to estimate the impact of extension programmes on economic, environmental, and social outcomes.

AUTHORS: Adam Barker, Denise Bewsell, Vaughan Wilson

Terry Parminter.jpeg

Terry Parminter

Making the Link: Water Quality and Farm Planning

AUTHORS: Terry Parminter and Christine Finnigan

Session 2
Tracy Nelson.png

Tracy Nelson

Bringing utilisation-focused evaluation into effect in virtual workshops

AUTHORS: Tracy Nelson and Gina Lucci

Molly O'Dea - Molly O'Dea.jpg

Molly O'Dea

The role of agricultural industry professionals in raising the aspirations for careers in agriculture

AUTHORS: Molly O'Dea, Amy Cosby, Jaime Manning, Nicole McDonald, Bobby Harreveld

Jay Cummins - Jay Cummins.jpg

Dr. Jay A Cummins

A grounded theory approach to understanding motivation of young professionals in developing and developed countries

AUTHOR: Jay A Cummins

Lotta Fabricius Kristiansen - Lotta_Fabriscius_Kristiansen.jpg

Lotta Fabricius Kristiansen

Building a strong Knowledge and Innovation system for Beekeeping in Sweden with a global perspective

AUTHOR: Lotta Fabricius Kristiansen, Magnus Ljung and Nadarajah Sriskandarajah (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)

Roxanne Henwood - Roxanne Henwood_APEN conference.jpg

Roxanne Henwood

Introducing sustainability transition concepts to support public research to address complex agri-food challenges

AUTHORS: Roxanne Henwood, Helen Percy, Penny Payne, Talia Hicks, Alvaro Romera, Martin Espig, and James Turner

Sarah McIntosh - Sarah-McIntosh.png

Sarah McIntosh

Global connectivity for a global extension team

AUTHORS: Sarah McIntosh

Session 3

David McGill

Innovation brokers in the developing country context

AUTHORS: David McGill, Margaret Ayre & Hassan Warriach

Lisa Rayner - Headshot Lisa Rayner.jpg

Lisa Doi Rayner

Application of the Work Assessment Method (WAM) to Australian mixed cropping and sheep enterprises

AUTHORS: Rayner, Santhanam-Martin & Nettle

Dr Mary Johnson

Building trust in new relationships in the age of zoom; lessons from a tri-national project

AUTHOR: Dr Mary Johnson, RMIT University and Clinton Muller, RMCG

Jane Wightman.jpg

Jane Wightman

When do we know investment in extension has been worthwhile?

AUTHOR: Jane Wightman, Bron Walsh, Adrian Englefield, Olive Hood, Jason Hingston, Jay Cummins

Karen Thomas.jpeg

Karen Thomas

Natural capital accounting for eco-credentials

AUTHORS: Karen Thomas

Session 4
Callen Thompson - Callen Thompson.jpeg

Callen Thompson

Are podcasts a useful extension tool for practice change?

AUTHORS: Callen Thompson

Lee-Ann Monks - Lee-Ann Monks .jpg

Lee-Ann Monks

Dairy farmer perceptions of heifer genomics

AUTHORS: Lee-Ann Monks, Beth Scott, Stephanie Bullen, Michelle Axford

Danielle England.jpeg

Danielle England

Building Pastoral Sustainability Property Management Planning Program impact assessment

AUTHOR: Danielle England

Ogochukwu Anozie.png

Ogochukwu Anozie

Coping strategies for Covid 19 pandemic among leafy vegetable farmers in Epe local government area of Lagos State

AUTHOR: Anozie, O., Igwe, M, C and Koyenikan, M. J.

Olive Hood.jpeg

 Olive Hood

Co-design to put the merry back into MERI

AUTHORS: Olive Hood and Adrian Englefield

Robert Hassett - Robert Hassett.jpg

Robert Hassett

GRASS and LCAT—Supporting extension with innovatively collected land condition data and results

AUTHORS: Robert Hassett; Matt Brown

Session 5
Cynthia Mahoney.jpeg

Cynthia Mahoney

Cultivate: Behaviours rural leaders need to thrive in tomorrow's world

AUTHORS: Cynthia Mahoney

Warwick Waters - CottonInfo - Warwick Waters 3.jpg

Warwick Waters

CottonInfo’s development of a low-cost system for adoption and impact monitoring and evaluation

AUTHORS: Warwick Waters, Ben Simpson

Shakira Johnson.jpeg

Shakir Nuruzzaman

Women led community-based rice seed entrepreneurship model in Bangladesh: current status, challenges and opportunities

AUTHOR: Md. Safiul Islam Afrad, Nuruzzaman, Md. Enamul Haque, Mashrat Jahan , Muhammad Ashraful Habib , Swati Nayak, Saidul Islam

Md Kamruzzaman - Md Kamruzzaman.jpg

Md Kamruzzaman

How can extension services facilitate learning to help the farming sector adapt to flash flooding?

AUTHOR: Md Kamruzzaman, Katherine Anne Daniell, Ataharul Chowdhury

Session 6
Natalie Jones - Natalie Jones.jpeg

Natalie Jones

Knowledge and information exchange within regenerative networks in south east Queensland

AUTHORS: Natalie Jones

Callum Fletcher - Callum Fletcher.jpg

Callum Fletcher

Solving the collaboration conundrum – a meaningful approach to improving industry and government collaboration in biosecurity

AUTHORS: Callum Fletcher


Maifur Jahan Oishi

Impact ecosystem management and rural development in Dagonbhuiyan upazila under Feni district

AUTHOR: Md. Safiul Islam Afrad, Maifur Jahan Oishi, Md. Abdur Razzaque, Md. Abul Hossain Molla

Md Kamruzzaman - Md Kamruzzaman.jpg

Md Kamruzzaman

Factors influencing the organizational capacity of Extension services to support adaptation to flash flooding

AUTHOR: Md Kamruzzaman, Katherine Anne Daniell, Ataharul Chowdhury

Donna Lucas - Donna LUCAS.png

Donna Lucas

Carbon farming – are extension professionals ready?

AUTHORS: Donna Lucas, Carl Larsen, Dr Doris Blaesing, Clinton Muller, Ossie Lang

Rachele Osmond - Rachele Osmond.jpg

Rachele Osmond

Webinars applauded by the chicken meat industry

AUTHORS: Felicity McIntosh, Rachele Osmond and Jillian Templeton

Tanzina Tazmim Tani

Perceived impact of rice seed production, processing and distribution training on the stakeholders in Bangladesh

AUTHOR: Md. Safiul Islam Afrad, Tanzina Tazmim Tani, Foyez Ahmed Prodhan, Md. Arifur Rahman Khan, M. Ashraful Habib, Swati Nayak, Saidul Islam

Tanjina Parven.png

Tanjina Parven

Dealer-customer partnership in rice production demonstration: assessment of private extension system in Bangladesh

AUTHOR: Md. Safiul Islam Afrad, Amlan Biswas, Muhammad Ziaul Hoque, Md. Abdullah Al Mamun, M. Ashraful Habib, Swati Nayak, Saidul Islam

Session 7
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