Poster Presentations

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Zali Mahony

Developing and maintaining Australia’s vegetable and potato industry’s biosecurity integrity through best management practice changes

AUTHORS: Zali Mahony, Callum Fletcher

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Osamu Francis

How do we get kiwifruit growers to trial alternative bud breakers?

AUTHOR: Osamu Francis

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Robin Barker-Gilbert

Pivoting extension to support RubyRed Kiwifruit™ growers during COVID 19 pandemic in 2021

AUTHORS: Iona Condie, Robin Barker-Gilbert

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Karen Thomas

Farms2Schools- taking farms into schools during a global pandemic

AUTHOR: Karen Thomas

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Matthew Richardson

Inspiring the next generation of beef producers to be productive and proactive pastoralists

AUTHOR: Matthew Richardson

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Rabi Maskey

Subsurface drip irrigation performance in northern Victoria from the farmers perspectives

AUTHORS: Rabi Maskey, Amjed Hussain, Rebecca Pike

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Morag Anderson

Influences on landholder decision-making - A visualisation

AUTHORS: Morag Anderson, Doris Blaesing

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Michael Santhanam-Martin

The Work Assessment Method shows potential to improve performance and social sustainability on Australian dairy farms

AUTHORS: Dr Michael Santhanam-Martin, Professor Ruth Nettle

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Sylvia Jelinek

A successful demonstration farm in Greater Sydney

AUTHOR: Sylvia Jelinek

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Ryan Honor

Improvised extension – Connecting with Queensland graziers through a pandemic

AUTHOR: Ryan Honor

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Isabel Bryce

Working in a pandemic- a digital solution to lockdown

AUTHORS: Isabel Bryce, Ryan Honor